Our professional hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.


Set or Blow Dry$19.00
Cut Only$20.00
Cut and Set$25.00
Perm, Cut and Set$53.00
Colour, Cut and Set$53.00
Set or Blow Dry$28.00
Cut and Dry$45.00
Colour, Cut and Dry$85.00
Perm, Cut and Set$85.00

Permanent Colours

Hair Line Colours$25.00
Roots and Ends Short Hair$58.00
Roots and Ends Medium Hair$75.00
Roots and Ends Long Hair$85.00

Semi Colours

Short Hair$60.00
Medium Hair$75.00
Long Hair$85.00


5-8 Foils$36.00
1/4 head Foils Short Hair$49.00
1/4 Head Foils Medium Hair$57.00
1/4 Head Foils Long Hair$63.00
1/2 Head Foils Short Hair$65.00
1/2 Head Foils Medium Hair$80.00
1/2 Head Foils Long Hair$95.00
Full Head Foils Short Hair$120.00
Full Head Foils Medium Hair$154.00
Full Head Foils Longt Hair$160.00


Medium Length Hair$80.00
Long Length Hair$120.00


5 min Treatment $15.00
Intensive Treatment$30.00
Keratin Treament Short Hair$100.00
Keratin Treament Mediumt Hair$140.00
Keratin Treament Long Hair$180.00


School Student Upstyle$45.00
Casual Upstyle$60.00
Formal Upstyle$75.00
Wedding Upstyle $110.00


Fringe Cut$8.00
Dry Off$15.00
Curls and Blow Dry$25.00
Curls Short Hair$50.00
Curls Medium Hair$70.00
Curls Long Hair$85.00
Blow Dry Short Hair$33.00
Blow Dry Medium Hair$44.00
Blow Dry Long Hair$55.00
Cut Only$40.00
Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry$55.00


Clipper Cut$20.00
Style Cut$27.00
Mens Colour$58.00
Mens Highlights$60.00

School Students

Pre School Child$17.00
Kindergarten Student$20.00
Primary School Girl $22.00
Primary School Boy$22.00
High School Boy$25.00
High School Girl$25.00

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