Elisa’s vision for Studio Eighty Six is to provide outstanding services in a relaxed professional environment. Studio Eighty Six is based on the belief that tranquil surroundings and quality service promote long-term relationships with valued clientele.

Elisa believes that the client consultation is paramount to achieving complete satisfaction. She is on the cutting edge of style technique, colour and finishing.

Her passion for perfection drives her attention to detail and commitment to excellence. With an abundance of pride and a true love for colour she will always call herself a hairdresser first and a salon owner second.

In the salon, she always strives to create an environment in which her clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas.

Over the years she has specialised in Alfaparf range and attends regular colouring and styling courses to add to her ever evolving skills as an outstanding hair dresser. As with any career, the more people you work with the more you learn. I have been lucky enough to work with some great talents in this industry and with every experience I walked away with greater knowledge and sharper skills.